Time is a great healer, and it takes time to come back.



Sorry for being posted AWOL for the last few days, I’ve been busy, and tired, and forgetful at times!

In my last post, I had taken my day off from running following a 10day roll of running every day.  I recommenced my routine on Friday, and having been at the physio the day before, my body felt great!  I went out, and managed to run my 3mile loop in the fastest time since my come-back….a whacking 20:13.  I wasn’t even pushing to run fast, but I could feel the legs feeling nice and loose, and actually functioning like a runner wants them to function.  

It was a great boost, and suddenly made me confident that what I am doing is actually a good thing, and that I just have to be patient while the training effects work throughout the body.  It’s not a case of everything going to be like they used to, where I can run at 6minutes per mile pace for a 20mile run, just because I want to; but a case of I am a new athlete…..what went before is history.  I am starting from scratch, and not getting myself involved with training groups, and the thought of others scrutinizing my every single step.  In the past I have let what others think affect what I do…..I’ve toed the line, knowing that others are looking at my performance; feeling myself straining to achieve what I’m “meant” to achieve, instead of relaxing, and embracing the fun of being able to do what lots of people could only dream of doing.

I hope, when the time is right, that I can take this mentality into races, and not get caught up trying to impress certain people.  I will strive to impress myself.  Impress myself with the fact that I CAN run.  Impress myself that I can achieve what I want to, through sheer commitment, and belief, and that if I want to do something, then I should do it no matter what others think.  

Get rid of the haters, and be happy with myself because I am the person I am.

So the last few days I’ve continued to do the 3mile loop, running late 21minutes for Saturday and Sunday, and then the last two days I’ve run around 20:20 or so.  It has been getting icy the last couple of days too, so it really is a time to watch your footing out there, and be cautious going around bends.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 5minute mile runner, of a 10minute mile runner, if you hit ice while going round a corner, there’s a chance you’re hitting the deck…..and nobody wants that!  So be careful out there folks.

Uni has been ok this week.  I have an assignment due on Thursday which investigates Leadership in Total Quality Management in Businesses…..sounds a hoot eh?!  I have 17papers to reference during a 3000word essay. Blaaaahhhhh.  So far I have 0 words on paper, but I have written an abstract……which was along the wrong lines, so needs altered. It will be a busy 36hours for me I guess, so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow night, you’ll know why! :-p

One great thing I did today was to install a new shower screen in the bathroom for my Mum.  When we moved into the flat a few years ago, we had the bath replaced with a double shower cabinet for my dad, because he was too poorly to get in and out of a bath.  After his passing last year, and the shower tray having a crack in it, we decided to get a bath re-installed (I’ve missed having somewhere to have a soak actually!).  The plumber came on Friday and fitted it for us, but it was up to us to do the screen.

NO PROBLEMO!  I’m quite handy to be honest, and don’t mind giving things a go, and it was really straightforward to be honest.  Anyway, within 3hours (time taken out while mum went for another tile drill bit, and masking tape) I had it up, and even put the silicone sealant around the back edges.  It looks great!  🙂

So here I am, 9:15pm, and all set for going to bed.  I will get up super-early tomorrow to get my run in, then make sure I’m working on my essay by 8:30-9am latest.  Then I have signed myself up for the University’s slot at the Velodrome from 4-5pm.  We’re going to have a points race, a scratch race, and an elimination race, so it will be a tough workout, but I can’t wait to go and blow the cobwebs away, and get the heart rate up to its max! 🙂

PS.  The picture at the top is me and my friend doing a session a couple of years back…..I saw this quote, and thought it would make a great background for it.  I added to the end of the quote, because I believe this has true meaning to me.  I’m actually thinking about printing it out, and framing it for my room, as a reminder that it’s yourself that notices your differences first, so always ask yourself “am I happy with what I’m doing?”  If not…….make a change – it’s all about you. 🙂

Night y’all.


Where do the days go???

Well I know you will all have missed my glorious post last night.  But I have a confession to make…..I was in bed by 7:30pm! haha  I couldn’t sleep the night before, still being awake at 3:15am, before my alarm went at 6:15 to get up.  Not a good mix!

It shows how far I’ve come in just over a week though, because I still managed to get myself up and do a run….go me!! 🙂 So that was 10 days in a row of getting out runs.

The day wasn’t very exciting though, I cycled too and from uni, and finished my presentation slides for my Thursday presentation……and I yawned a lot! ha

Today was day off running day, as had to let the body recover a bit.  I still cycled to and from Uni though, as I had my dissertation interim presentation to do.  It went alright, but according to someone else in the group listening, they thought it was pretty good…..so I have to be pleased with that. 🙂

I came home sharp, as I had my physio appointment today.  Good and bad news…..everything going well….excceeeepppppttttt, my left glute has gone backward from how it was at the last visit.  The main problem before was it isn’t firing, which activates the muscle, and sadly it has gone back to that state, even though I’ve been doing my exercises.  This means that all the effort being done is through the hamstring, which will just cause over use of the opposite side again if it doesn’t get going.  So I have some exercises to do: basically, I have to clench my bum cheeks together (while lying on my front) and then lift the leg off the ground.  This helps teach the glute to fire before bringing the hamstring into the equation – which will hopefully cause a neural change, where my body remembers this is the routine, and it will all start to fire correctly again.

I have other exercises to keep doing too, but that’s the main one at the moment.  If muscles don’t work properly, you might as well not have them. 😦

So tonight I relaxed and watched tv with mum, and am just about to head through to my bed.  I’m off into uni again tomorrow, as I have another hand-in next week, and require some feedback from the lecturer, so that will keep me busy….and I’m heading to my mates house tomorrow night, so it may be Saturday before I post again….I’m sure you can all cope until then. 😉

Hope the world is treating everyone well, and I look forward to you reading my post again in the near future. 😉

Failing seems to be catching on!

Well yes…..as my title sounds, I failed before today even started. 😦

I went to bed, stuck my radio alarm on so it would wake me at 8:15am, giving me plenty of time to drag myself out of bed and do my couple of miles prior to my Physio appointment.

Commence, operation snooze……this was completed on an epic level – the best snooze I’ve had since I got the cold on Christmas day.  Anyway, the next recollection was hearing the postman delivering the mail at 11:24am!!  GUTTED!  I looked at my phone to see a message from the Physio asking how I was.  I apologized sincerely (still not knowing how on earth I didn’t hear my alarm, as I double checked it and it was still set to the right times, and the volume was up), and proceeded to drag myself out of bed, get changed, and go and meander around my run.  Another 2.1miles in the bag, and the achilles and hamstring holding up well, meant that exercising was complete – well not really complete, but I did my run.

I showered, changed, and then had some noodles for lunch before getting onto my bike, and cycling the 5miles to Uni (extra exercise with no impact is always good when you’re battling the bulge…..a bit of cross training on the bike or in the pool means that the muscles don’t get the impact fatigue that running gives them, yet you can still work up a sweat and burn some extra calories to help lose those unwanted pounds).

So I saw year group friends, bid a happy new year to them all, and got on with some work (I won’t bore you with the details), before cycling home again at dinner time.

Tonight has been fairly productive…..doing some uni work on my laptop while watching bits of tv (gotta give myself a reason to procrastinate somehow! ha!).

About to wrap up, and head to my bed, as I will have a lot of work to do over the weekend…hopefully my alarm works properly tomorrow, but just in case, I will set my phone alarms too to help me battle the sandman!

Happy sleepy times out there. 🙂