Where do the days go???

Well I know you will all have missed my glorious post last night.  But I have a confession to make…..I was in bed by 7:30pm! haha  I couldn’t sleep the night before, still being awake at 3:15am, before my alarm went at 6:15 to get up.  Not a good mix!

It shows how far I’ve come in just over a week though, because I still managed to get myself up and do a run….go me!! 🙂 So that was 10 days in a row of getting out runs.

The day wasn’t very exciting though, I cycled too and from uni, and finished my presentation slides for my Thursday presentation……and I yawned a lot! ha

Today was day off running day, as had to let the body recover a bit.  I still cycled to and from Uni though, as I had my dissertation interim presentation to do.  It went alright, but according to someone else in the group listening, they thought it was pretty good…..so I have to be pleased with that. 🙂

I came home sharp, as I had my physio appointment today.  Good and bad news…..everything going well….excceeeepppppttttt, my left glute has gone backward from how it was at the last visit.  The main problem before was it isn’t firing, which activates the muscle, and sadly it has gone back to that state, even though I’ve been doing my exercises.  This means that all the effort being done is through the hamstring, which will just cause over use of the opposite side again if it doesn’t get going.  So I have some exercises to do: basically, I have to clench my bum cheeks together (while lying on my front) and then lift the leg off the ground.  This helps teach the glute to fire before bringing the hamstring into the equation – which will hopefully cause a neural change, where my body remembers this is the routine, and it will all start to fire correctly again.

I have other exercises to keep doing too, but that’s the main one at the moment.  If muscles don’t work properly, you might as well not have them. 😦

So tonight I relaxed and watched tv with mum, and am just about to head through to my bed.  I’m off into uni again tomorrow, as I have another hand-in next week, and require some feedback from the lecturer, so that will keep me busy….and I’m heading to my mates house tomorrow night, so it may be Saturday before I post again….I’m sure you can all cope until then. 😉

Hope the world is treating everyone well, and I look forward to you reading my post again in the near future. 😉


2012 – A Brief Look Back

ImageSo 2012 was a rough year for me.  It started off with an achilles injury, which put my running out, because I was so sore with it, that it was doing me harm.  Having attempted to run through the pain, I made things worse, and ended up being out for literally a year, before getting the all clear from an MRI scan, and being able to re-commence running.  I had, however, started to do some road cycling which I enjoyed for a while, but it’s just not the same as running.  I have been back running training lately, but other injuries have surfaced!! But I have a great new physio now who is sorting me out.  I had a glute which was not firing, causing my opposite hamstring to do all the power work…thus resulting in an overuse injury where the nerves have fused with the muscle…..I’m doing exercises to combat this, and things are looking up.  I have run 2.1miles the last 3 days, each day getting quicker (17:07, 15:09 and 14:38) and the plan is one or two 2-3mile runs a day – every day – for the foreseeable future: until I can comfortably run three miles at 6minutes per mile pace.  This is a pace that used to be so easy to me;  I have run 5km in under 15minutes before, and the aim is to be able to run under 30minutes for 10km by April 2014, giving me 16months to get ready…so no need to rush into things right now….a slow build up is what is on the cards.

2012 was also due to be my final year at Uni, so there were a lot of stresses going on with folio work for that, while I had to deal with my Dad being really ill having broken his hip late October 2011 (I live with my parents while I get through Uni).  A long story short, I handed in my final folio work on the morning of the 25th of April (my birthday) and at 5pm that same day, my Dad passed away.  This left me lost and confused.  The uni was great, and my exams were delayed to let me mourn, and help organise what had to be organised.  I finished my exams come August, and had managed to pass with a 2:1.  I decided, however, that I wanted to stay on and complete a Masters degree, so that is ongoing now.

So here we are……2nd of January 2013.  I am vowing to run every day this year…slowly building up my running to be able to do some running sessions again, but also continuing to do some cycling (I’ve actually been doing a bit of Velodrome Cycling lately too which is lots of fun, and WARM! haha).  I also have some hand ins at uni for the next week or two, so will be hard at work with them, but hopefully I can lose myself in a little bit of running, allowing me to relax a bit, while I bury myself with Uni  work. 🙂

Hopefully I get myself some followers, and if you feel you want to leave me comments, then I’ll be happy to read and respond.  I have deliberately not told anyone I’m doing this….it’s something for me to do, and I don’t want to feel that my family and friends are watching my every little move.  I just want to be me, write what I feel, and move forwards in life.

Smile and be happy people. 😀