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Late Night Poster! see what I did there?

Why are mornings such a bad time of day? Someone really needs to do a research paper of this, and solve the issue of morning badness!

So yesterday, I left uni to get my bike, and found that some clown had snapped my light off the bike mount….annoyed is an understatement, but I counted to ten before calmly ignoring it, taking a picture of the offending bike, and working out a way to mount the light so I wouldn’t be breaking the law by cycling without a rear light in the dark.

Once I got home, I posted the offending bikes picture on facebook, and tried to find the culprit….obviously I don’t know who it was, and nobody else did, but it gave me a giggle at some of the comments (it was a PINK bike!)

So when I woke this morning, I made the ultimate decision to not get up straight away, because I couldn’t cycle to work in the dark anyway! Bad decision, I did get out my run at just after 9am, but ended up sleeping again afterwards….why???…well I don’t know.  Laziness, Procrastination, desire – take your pick! haha

The morning run was only a 2miler, I needed the loo (it’s strange how often morning runs result in needing the loo when you start running) and I was also tired….I guess maybe that’s why I ended up back in bed again too.  Nothing spectacular, but another day of doing a run under the belt…..I will run again tomorrow, and then have a day off.  Need to let the body recover somehow, and let all the good of actually getting runs in benefit my body.

I still cycled to and from uni today.  Doing presentation prep work in there for a dissertation presentation on Thursday.  I need it finished by 4pm tomorrow, but would actually like it done by 12pm tomorrow to let my supervisors review it, giving me time to make some changes if need be. It really is a pain in the bottom! But hey ho…you don’t get a Master’s Degree for nothing! 😦

So here I am, in my bed-clothes, finishing this off before heading to the land of nod.  My days seem so boring right now….wake up, run, cycle, uni work, cycle, bed…..with the odd bed in the middle of it all.  I wish I had a more exciting life to talk about, but I guess over time it will become better and better and better. hahaha Wait till I start doing training sessions, then I’ll be able to tell you what I feel and think during my efforts… might open your eyes to show that, as R.E.M. say, “Everybody huuurrrrttttsssss, Sometimes”! 😀

Night night WordPress world! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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I'm just me...serial moaner, and someone who can have serious insecurity issues in life, and also in my athletic career. Looking to regain fitness, and maybe have one more crack at running some fast times over distances from 5km up to marathons....maybe longer.

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