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Running Late….Could Go A Latte Too!

Very quiet and uneventful day today.  I did my run late on, like 9:15pm, and decided to run easy down the first mile, and see if i could maintain the pace coming back up. Note: I don’t clock watch when running unless I’m doing efforts.  Right now, I’m using STRAVA on my phone, which is a running and cycling app which plots where you run, and compares your times over certain sections compared to other people using the STRAVA system (you can also upload from your Garmin onto it too).  So I put my phone on, put it in my pocket, and just run.  It’s good because you truly just run how you feel. 🙂

So I managed to go round the loop in 15:05, running the first mile in 7:00, and the second back up in 7:04.  Happy enough with that, and also happy that I’m starting to have no aches in the quads anymore.  Whenever I start running after a bit of time off, I always get sore quads from the impact.  Thankfully I noticed today that I had no aches, so during the next few days, I’ll start to do a few 3mile runs, and hope that the aches stay away. 🙂

Ps: That’s seven days in a row of running!  Before I know it I’ll be in double figures. 🙂

See ya tomorrow!


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I'm just me...serial moaner, and someone who can have serious insecurity issues in life, and also in my athletic career. Looking to regain fitness, and maybe have one more crack at running some fast times over distances from 5km up to marathons....maybe longer.

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