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A wasted day, turned useful

So I went to bed last night, setting the alarm for 7am, fully expecting to rise from my pit, do my run, shower and have breakfast, before cycling to Uni to do work (today is the first day the uni has been officially opened since Christmas).

Wellllll – I awoke at 8:45 to a dull buzz and talking in the background.  Turns out I hadn’t turned up the volume on my alarm, meaning that there was no way it would wake me.  Ooops!  So I watched some tv, before dragging my butt out the door and trundling around my 2.1mile loop.  Today I decided to go backwards around it – don’t be daft, not running backwards physically, just in the opposite direction from normal.  It’s good to do this sometimes, as it breaks up the monotony of doing the same loop over and over and over again.  Once I get my runs up to a longer distance, I have multiple loops i can do, but for the mere 2miles, I only have one route that I am comfortable using, as it involves crossing only minor roads, and is pretty much down for one mile, and back up for the second, no matter which direction I run it. (ps. I was under 15minutes again today, I was gagging on catarrh from my recent cold while running, and was waaayyyy over-dressed as it was actually very humid out, and I had tights, jacket and a hat on….so all-in-all I was happy enough with this run….that’s 4 days in a row! 🙂 )

Once I got home, I did my stretching exercises for my leg, and got myself ready to shower……yes, I got ready to shower… thing I knew, I was lying in bed again because I was zonked!  It’s the Christmas Laziness Syndrome.  Trying to get into a routine after Christmas is a nightmare!!  So I fell asleep, again, and that was me till 2:30pm!  Oops number two for the day!

So that was me in the potter about mode now – playing games, and generally avoiding doing anything that resembled work…BAD ME!

After dinner, I managed to drag out the laptop (I had played on my iPad all day) and commenced attempted work.

BOOM – realisation has set in.  I have a hand-in due on the 7th, scrap that, I have TWO hand ins due on the 7th, one individual and one group.  I have done most of the individual work, but still have an essay to write, and finish off a couple of design drawings – and I’m due in Uni tomorrow to meet a group member, to try finish off the team element….I still have to write up about 750-1000words I think. 😦

I also have another hand-in due on the 10th, of which I still need to meet the lecturer….note now, email him as soon as I finish this!  On that same day I have a Dissertation presentation to do….no big deal really, I know my subject, so should get through it, but I still have to devise what I’m saying, and make some slides…..the clock is ticking!!

I can’t rest on my laurels there though (is that the correct spelling of laurels?? I’m sure that’s for Laurel and Hardy, but no time to procrastinate and research it! haha) I have a big hand in for my individual design project on the 30th of January, and an ongoing Group design project to work on, so it’s go go go for me heading through January.

One good thing I have done today though, is I have sent my CV/Resume (CV for UK, and Resume for America) and cover letter to two companies to try and secure some graduate work/internship work following the conclusion of my degree in May….I have been offered work at a summer school for the summer which I really want to do because a) the people there are amazing b) teaching kids sport is so much fun and c) the money is EPIC!

So to sum it all up, today, on an exercise front, was a success…..I did my run. 🙂 on a Uni work front it was a fail. On a future opportunities front it was a success.  So 2 out of 3 is not too bad.  Roll on tomorrow!

ps. I have my physio tomorrow morning too, and she’s really nice, so it’s always a pleasure seeing her,even if it’s not a pleasure handing over money, and definitely not a pleasure when she does the nerve stretches!! But I will let her off, cause it’s letting me run pain free again, for the first time in as long as I can remember properly – of course I remember running PB/PRs, and everything seemed effortless, but your mind always remembers the good, and buries away the bad…sadly, my mind holds onto the bad, because my right hamstring has been tight/sore for a good 3years or more, and the good times are almost a distant memory, but I can still find them when I need them – helping me smile, and remember that for every hard run I do now, in six months they will feel easy again, and the body will remember that floating sensation.


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I'm just me...serial moaner, and someone who can have serious insecurity issues in life, and also in my athletic career. Looking to regain fitness, and maybe have one more crack at running some fast times over distances from 5km up to marathons....maybe longer.

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